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Here are excerpts from testimonials I've received for European Cut.


I loved the presentation of the book. It had a very usable/workable look and feel, not just a book that sits on the shelf. The model drawings you described made the book come to life, because we all don't have that "perfect" shape!  -  Tracey L., THREADS®

The information is very good. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this book and you certainly were able to simplify some complicated information.  -  Sandra B., California

Today is my 49th birthday and no one will be able to top the gift I have received - a sloper that is just beautiful! Thank you!  The European Cut book by Elizabeth Allemong is fabulous. The measuring is different from PMB and is extensive; however, the results are awesome. I canąt begin to tell you what a beautiful sloper this method gives. The fit is just exquisite. The front armhole and front bust are perfect. The neck dart gives the nicest shape to my upper, round back than I have ever had. I have no wrinkles or folds in the side seam under the arm nor back diagonal folds from the shoulder blades to the underarm. I just canąt believe the fit. The drafting method is different from any I have ever seen and even seems strange in some ways. -  Debbie C.,  North Carolina

I have just completed a really nice pair of pants - finally. I thought I had different size legs, but it was all a matter of dart placement. So now I no longer have to cut out legs separately. I did use the "sitting wedge" and it fits so perfectly, in fact, I've never had such a good rear fit. So thank you so very much. I made the pants with a front zipper and a sewed on belt. The next thing I want to try is an elastic waist. I have this fear that I will buy fabric indiscriminately, just to keep making pants whether I need them or not! You're a miracle worker.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and the sharing of your vast store of experience and knowledge.  - Judy Y.,  Pennsylvania

Today I made the torso pattern and muslin. The fit is perfect. I don't have any of the wrinkles I usually have in a commercial pattern at the back waistline.  But you know the most important thing I learned -- You cannot fit yourself in a commercial fitting pattern the way you can with a personal draft. There is a world of difference. I could never design from my Vogue sloper -- it is sloppy and too big in most places.  So what's different about your torso draft and my Vogue? -- it is proportioned correctly between front and back - for my shape.

With Vogue I was always trying to pull in the back side seam to make the back smaller in the hips. But that just threw everything off. When you draft from scratch you don't have to deal with what someone else drafted first!!! I should make a jacket and send you a photo. It is beautiful. The back is perfect. Honestly I can't believe I have reached this point so quickly.

I made the skirt draft and muslin today. I was convinced it wouldn't fit me well. It fit perfectly, the darts are positioned exactly right for my shape. I was never able to get a good fit at the high hip with the Vogue skirt sloper. I worked on it for a very long time and was never happy with it. One draft of the skirt - that's all I had to do, I still can't believe it.

This is one of the best-written how-to books I have ever come across.
 - Carol B.,  California

I am thoroughly enjoying your book. I believe that thanks to your clear instructions I will finally be able to sew clothing that fits and flatters.
Sharon H.,  Indiana

I got your book last night and read it cover to cover and will again today. This is a very good book! I just know drafting a sloper is going to be easy. How can it not be, you went into great depth. Very happy, I will not be returning this book!  - Sharon S.,  Tennessee

I have received and read your fantastic book. Very comprehensive with the measurements! Thank you so much, I can't wait to try it all out. - Kalai S., AUSTRALIA

I purchased your "European Cut" book last summer, and have been very pleased with it. You've managed convey a lot of detailed technical information in a readable, enjoyable, comprehensible format. I've just completed my first pants sloper, which fit me better right off the drawing board than any commercial pattern ever has.  - Molly M.,  Georgia

I got your book in today's mail. I am very impressed. You are a very methodical thinker and your writing style is very easy to read and understand. I have done some pattern drafting and do not feel intimidated by the measurement taking or the drafting. -  Karen M.,  CANADA

This is a much needed book. There is practically no information available on how to draft to a specific figure.  - Elizabeth H.,  Illinois

This is a must have book. You should have this book even if you donąt want to draft your own patterns because it gives you a better understanding of how the patterns are designed which gives us an insight into why some things fit and others donąt. The book is extremely detailed, with lots of illustrations. Iąve never seen such a clear explanation of pattern drafting. I honestly feel like Elizabeth is sitting beside me walking me through the process. - Mollie S.,  Tennessee

Your book is brilliant.  - Caroline W.,  NEW ZEALAND

I must congratulate you on the work you have put into the compilation of this book. I have a sound (Aust.) publication to which I refer but yours is surpassingly good. - Deirdre C.,  AUSTRALIA


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